Blood Strike Update Announcement (April 18, 2024)


[Gameplay Updates]

New Map: Shutter Island
Once a serene paradise surrounded by clear waters and breathtaking views, this island's tranquility was disrupted by the establishment of a maximum-security prison, leading to its ominous rechristening as "Shutter Island."
Beneath its picturesque exterior, a web of dark secrets lurks, with mysterious energy sources being processed in the island's factories and distributed through the nearby port.
Brace yourself and prepare for close-range firefights on the island. Keep a sharp eye on ziplines and windows, as these are prime ambush spots favored by your foes.
*Shutter Island is currently available in Battle Royale mode only.

April 15—Mysterious Energy:
We possess limited reliable intel on the mysterious energy. If you locate it, secure it and return it to our base, as it holds the key to unraveling the conspiracy.

April 15—Shutter Island Hall of Fame:
Given the unknown nature of the mysterious energy, we require more operatives to collect reliable intel. Exceptional operatives who repeatedly complete the mission will be recognized in the Shutter Island Hall of Fame. Get ready—Operation Shutter is about to begin.
New Weapon: Minigun
Minigun: Introducing Blood Strike's first-ever Heavy Machine Gun! This powerhouse is equipped with a massive magazine and a high-power motor capable of spinning six high-caliber, heat-resistant barrels at top speeds, unleashing a relentless storm of bullets upon your foes. It stands as the most dependable tool for fire support and enemy suppression in your arsenal. Increase your Strike Pass level to try out this new heavy machine gun and devastate your enemies with its firepower!
New Striker: EMMA
Emma is a Scandinavian biologist committed to her research. She has the ability to deploy Beetle Drones to heal her allies. Upgraded drones can even revive incapacitated teammates.
Emma's Active Skill is [Beetle Drone], which can be utilized by herself or her teammates. The beetle-shaped drone will track and move with its target, providing HP when the target is injured.
When Emma's Evo Core is upgraded, the drone can also revive incapacitated teammates.
Emma's Passive Skill is [First Aid]. It can dramatically increase the Beetle Drones' healing effects within a brief period.
New Tactical Support
Between April 11 and May 12, three new limited-time Tactical Support features will be released one at a time: [Express Shop], [Interference Drone], and [Fulton Balloon].
[Express Shop]
Request an Express Shop to be deployed at your current location, where you will have access to most of the items offered in the shop, including custom weapons, ammunition, throwables, and more.
[Interference Drone]
Request an Interference Drone to disrupt the signal in the area. Enemies will be unable to detect players within the interference zone using UAVs or other reconnaissance skills (e.g., VAL's scan). Additionally, when enemies enter the interference zone, their mini-map will malfunction.
The Interference Drone hovers in mid-air and can be destroyed. It loses its effects when destroyed.
[Fulton Balloon]
Request a drone equipped with a zipline. Upon approaching and interacting with the zipline, players can ascend to the drone's height and propel themselves higher. This device can be utilized for quick evacuations.
The drone can be destroyed, and the zipline will disappear after its destruction.
[Operation Shutter]
According to intel provided by our scouts, the target area has been confirmed as Shutter Island. It is confirmed that the operation will take place on Shutter Island. Prepare yourselves, as a vast conspiracy is believed to be concealed beneath the island's tranquil facade.
April 11—Island Exploration:
Explore [Shutter Island] and collect the hidden clues and intel scattered around the island. Unearth the conspiracies and secrets behind the mysterious energy source on this hostile island.
 April 15—Emma, the mysterious biologist with a minigun: Emma will come to your aid on this operation. Prepare to wreak havoc on [Shutter Island] with devastating firepower and Beetle Drones by your side!
April 19—Login For Free Execution Move: Log in to claim Epic Execution Move—Shoulder Throw
April 19—KAG-6 - Dynamite:
The first-ever Eternal skin is here! Feel the cataclysmic power of the unknown energy. It's time to purge [Shutter Island] with the Dynamite!
Are you ready to take on new challenges?
[Ranked Match Updates]
Squad Fight Season 4 Ranked Match will end at the end of April 14, 2024. It's time to display your skills and work with your teammates to reach a higher tier! All-new Season 5 Ranked Match will start immediately after Season 4 ends (April 15, 2024, 00:00). We wish you the best of luck!
[New Strike Pass]
New Strike Pass will be available on April 15, 2024. Upgrade your Strike Pass to receive the new Minigun for free! Purchasing the [Elite] or [Elite+] Strike Pass will give you the new Legendary Minigun, VSS "Hive," and many more!

[Balance Adjustments]

Shotgun Damage Adjustments
Shotguns will no longer one-shot full HP enemies with Blue Armor or above. In any case, a minimum of 1 HP will remain.
QoL Improvements
1. Added top and bottom sound indicators to help players discern the source of the sound more accurately.
2. Optimized airdrop icons to minimize their disruption during combat.
System Optimizations
1. Optimized the loading speed for the Shooting Range, enabling swift access from the Loadout page
2. Players now have the option to temporarily exit the room to explore other content.
3. Added a TikTok icon to the Main Menu to redirect players to the official TikTok account.
Thank you for your love and continued support! We hope you enjoy every moment in Blood Strike like we do!
Blood Strike Development Team



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