Blood Strike Update Announcement (April 25, 2024)


[Americas Server Maintenance] 
The Americas server will undergo maintenance on April 25, 2024, at 2 AM (UTC-7) to optimize network performance. The maintenance is expected to take approximately 30 minutes. Please note that the completion time may vary, so refer to the official announcement for updates. The other servers will not be affected.

1. Added "Auto-open Parachute" settings, accessible through [Gameplay] → [Controls].
2. Added a new "Highlights" feature! Players can now enjoy the highlights on the Results page.
3. Fixed the issue of gyro lag and intermittent gyro failure by modifying the calculation for gyro movement. We've also increased the gyro sensitivity. We recommend all players adjust sensitivity settings before getting back into action!
4. Extended the time before items disappear outside of the safe zone.
5. Added a recycle option for expired items. Of course, players can also choose to keep these items as mementos.
6. VK login is now supported (Remember to update the app from the App Store).
7. Optimized the sound effects when defeating enemies.
[Improvements for PC]

1. Upgraded the visual effects of the user interface with a completely redesigned layout.
2. Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would not reset under certain circumstances.
3. Added missing hotkeys.
4. Optimized the visual effect when holding a button.
5. Players can now view the keybinds more clearly in [Settings] → [Controls] → [Default Keybinds].
[Skill Improvements]
1. EMMA: Players can now move when being healed by Beetle Drones. The drones will begin healing again when the character stops moving.
2. JET: Adjusted the size of the blast radius indicator to match the actual effect.
[Stats Adjustments]
1. P90
 · Headshot Damage reduced from 29 to 28
 · Torso Damage reduced from 21 to 20
 · Abdominal and Limbs Damage reduced from 21 to 18
2. Origin-12 
 · Dragon's Breath: Base Damage reduced
3. AK47
· Headshot Damage reduced from 45 to 42
4. M4A1
 · Added barrel attachments
[New Arrivals]
1. Taste the cold steel and the unforgiving brutality! Introducing ZERO's new Ultra skin [Agent Zero] and his exclusive Execution move [Brutalize] available via the Ultra Stash starting from April 26, 2024!
2. Unleash the venom in the digital realm! The Legendary [SCAR - Venom] and [Desert Eagle - Hacker] will return via the Limited Loot with new upgradeable features starting from May 3, 2024! It only takes 8 tries to get them!
[New Events]
The TikTok & Discord milestone events have kicked off! Get ready for another round of server-wide rewards.



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